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Thread: Semi bricked wii, please help

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    Semi bricked wii, please help

    Hi there I believe I have a semi-bricked wii. I have a working pre-laoder that always boots. If I try to go into system menu I get a scattered message saying the system files are corrupted. I can load the Home Brew Channel and I can run programs in it.

    How this happened: I had system menu 4.0 (US) and I had CIOSCORPS installed. I wanted to play SMG 2 so I ran DARK CORPS as was recommended to me, I followed the instructions and ran the installer on my CIOS 249 however this error occurred shortly after. So I tried uninstalling it via the same menu, with no luck. So I reinstalled in case it was a fluke and corrupted by accident... now This is where I stand, do I need to reinstall the system menu via a wad manager? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Yes thats right, if i was u i would install the patched ios 60 and then use the safe 4.1 updater, u can get these files from dogeggs tutorial in the guides and tutorials linked below.

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