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Thread: PriiLoader Hack: Region Free EVERYTHING?

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    PriiLoader Hack: Region Free EVERYTHING?

    I have The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time installed on my Wii for a while, and completed it a few months ago. Now I wanted to play Ocarina of Time: Master Quest, which I own on a broken GameCube disk - you know, a typical sister - by injecting it into a .wad of Ocarina of Time. I tried that with a PAL .rom into my PAL .wad of Ocarina of Time, but the sound is very buggy. I searched around Google a bit, and found out that the PAL injecting doesn't work too well for this game. The NTSC version seems to run just like the original Ocarina of Time does.

    I searched for AnyRegionChanger on Google, but this application sounds too dangerous to me. I already have PriiLoader installed, and I remembered that it has a hack to play region free games, and indeed there is. 'Region Free EVERYTHING', that's what is says. So, what I was wondering, is it safe to install a NTSC version of Ocarina of Time through WAD Manager with this hack enabled? Or is this something else? It says EVERYTHING...

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    Yes it will work.

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    yes it is safe to install. As with every mod to your wii there is always a chance it can go wrong. This one is pretty safe.
    If you can utilize bootmii and make a nand backup I would reccomend it.

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    Nice to hear! I have BootMii as IOS with a NAND back-up, but I readed somewhere that restoring it is very, very tricky if BootMii is installed as IOS.
    Anyway, I will enable the hack and then install the game through the WAD Manager.

    BTW, is there any way to force a Virtual Console game of the NTSC region to run in 50Hz? I don't like 60Hz because it hurts my eyes for some reason, I think because it's an unstable image. But, if it's able to run it in 50Hz mode, I think the game gets slowed down.

    Thanks for the answers, I will post again if it worked... or if my Wii bricked :P

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    Nop, my Wii didn't brick! It's playing perfectly!

    Thanks guys
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