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Thread: de blob

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    de blob

    hi. i burned de blob and i have a d2pro9 mod chip. when i insert the game, it tells me to update the wii. what should i do?

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    verify what firmware it is asking you to upgrade to, if it's 3.3 you shouldn't upgrade. Try loading the game through Gecko OS or brickblock it first and then burn it again.
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    Also, check what region the game is from, if it's not from your region then DON'T update!
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    well i have version 3.3U. can i update it?

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    I think not, if it's asking you to update to 3.3 again, its mostly because of a different region version. So you're most likely to semi-brick your wii if you update. Try using gecko os to load and play the game, or starfall to disable updates, or brickblock the game and burn it to a dvd again.
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    how do you brickblock a game?

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    Use wiu1.1 or wum (search forum) to remove the update from the iso and then burn to disc.

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    most likely it is a different region, if you can best thing is stick to your regions games.
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    I brickblock all my games with brickblocker. Why do people say not to use it? I havent had a single issue with 3.2U

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    What's so bad about 3.3?

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