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Thread: How can I change IOS?

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    Question How can I change IOS?

    Hello.Sorry if its a noobish question, I am fairly new to all this wii stuff Here I have Neogamma R8 beta 7 and Configurable USB Loader (Which I can never get in since it gives a DOS mode like error, I thought its a natural- I try to avoid the system stuff most of the time).Anyway I want to play this game called Guitar Hero 5 and get our common lovely black screen.

    I downloaded the required fixes and loaded with homebrew.Now they told me to change IOS to 223 instead of typical IOS 249.

    I searched everywhere, I even watched some videos yet I failed to find a a way to change my IOS in Neogamma R8 beta 7 (REV14).There is no option to change it in Region,Config,Rebooter options.

    Anybody is familiar with this Neogamme version? How can I change my IOS around here? It would be awesome if you can tell me in a clear, noobish way since I am barely recognizing wii ^^

    Thank you very much =)

    Edit : Im trying to load my game in a usb drive not dvd.

    The error that Configurable USB Loader gives is :

    "Error : Couldn't open file!
    Press any button to reboot wii..."

    Edit 2 : While searching hopelessly I found this in DavePM's MH3 guide.
    **You will not be able to use neogamma, as it wont allow you to select ios 223, you can use CFG usb loader and USB loader GX to boot discs.**

    So all right then looks like I have no choice but to download a new usb loader.Will this cause any problems? Since I already have ConfigUSBLader?
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    You cant change the ios in neogamma. How ever if you have a usb stick that works with the wii could be 1gb if you wanted) format it to wbfs and use usb loader gx as this program lets you load from disc as well and you can change to ios 223 in that. (sorry just read your edits)

    Yes you can have more than one I have wii flow and usb loader gx


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