Hi there, I'm new here and just got into the scene so please don't bash me about this too freaking hard.

Here's the deal: I have the instrument set for PS2/PS3, with USB microphone, USB drums, USB guitar dongle and of course the USB hub. I'm only interested in getting the drums and microphone to work, and my simple (but maybe stupid) question is this. Is there any way of playing music games on Wii with Playstation gear? I know there's this Hermes cIOS that enables Wii gear but since the drums are generic USB ones that any computer can pick up hits from I'm just wondering if this saves me from getting new ones for the Wii.

Thank you for any answers that ISN'T the official compablity list, I do have a general understanding but I've searched for this without finding any concrete answers (maybe because it's obvious?), so please help me out