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Thread: Some Games Work With Softmod But Not With Modchip?

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    Some Games Work With Softmod But Not With Modchip?

    I have the first wiikey installed and I've noticed that I'll burn a game and it won't load through the wii game channel but if I load it through Neogamma, it plays fine. Does anybody know why that is?

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    For example, SMG2 shows up in the wii dash, but black screens on me when I go to start the game. It's fine if I go through Neogamma

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    The chips firmware prob needs updating

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    I have the chip updated to the most current fw

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    Smg2 is newer than the wiikey fw. If you look in the game's own thread you'll see lots of others struggling with this. The fact that you have surpassed them by softmodding as well is a bonus. Stick with NG untill a newer fw for your chip is available.

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    Gee, they just announced new firmware here...

    Edit: also we have a recommended guide, there's absolutely no point in this thread (well at least in this section) here, I'm going to move it to where it belongs.

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    I have the newest firmware. I'm not the type of person who tries nothing before asking for help.

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    I also have that problem but I'm running wiikey2. What I did was just install the IOS that the game needed with wad manager and now it loads through the disc channel just fine.
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