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Thread: Accidently installed priiloader through wrong ios

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    Accidently installed priiloader through wrong ios


    In a previous thread about losing my disk drive it was felt that priiloader was causing the problem.

    I uninstalled priiloader, reinstalled the patched ios70 wad and hey presto!! disk channel working and the wii dosent crash when i insert a disk.

    So being clever I thought i would reinstall priiloader to see if it was causing the problem.

    In my excitement of having a working dvd i didnt change the ios from 36/38 to 249 when installing priiloader.

    Now on boot unless i force it to priiloader and hit reset (i have lost wiimote connection) it doesnt even power up.

    So my question is, if I obtain a gamecube controller HBC it and then reinstall IOS36/38 it should all be fine???

    I did want to keep priiloader cos i keep cocking things up.


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    Your post doesnt make any sense! How can you install pri loader using the wrong ios?


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