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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Wiikey 2

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Wiikey 2

    Hey all,
    I have been outta of the Wii modding scene for some time...last thing I've done is install the Wiikey 2 running 1.9s (I haven't updated it since the first time)

    My Wii is on 4.1U. I just d/led and burned Super Mario Galaxy 2
    When I inserted it in my Wii I received the error code 002

    I've done some research here but am having trouble finding out what to do. I read some stuff about Installing an "IOS36" but I am not sure anything about that...and to be honest I'd rather ask before I do anything!

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    There is a way to remove 002 from the iso, but I would recommend simply softmodding. Softmodding would make your life a lot easier and help you out as far as your chip goes. If a game (like smg2) updates you to 4.2 you will lose your chips ablility to play out of region games... Priiloader can be used to block disc updates. Neogamma is a program that launches games and has a built in 002 fix. Something to think about.

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    Thanks for the help
    So should I get both of those programs? Or is Neogamma the only needed?
    I figure that since you suggested it.. it should not be an issue of running the Neogamma while the Wiikey 2 is in the system right?

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    mario galaxy 2

    looking for a burnable version of mario galaxy 2 any help finding would be great have softmod

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    @boner - you have 2 problems with your post here.

    1. You have posted an off topic post. This thread is for problems playing specific backups
    2. You have posting soliciting illegal pirated material. You are asking for help to steal. WiiHacks neither condones nor supports piracy.

    Your posting privileges on this site will be rescinded for 3 days.

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    oops sorry just frustrated ill smack my own hand for you

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    dude get off my thread

    can someone please answer my questions

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