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Thread: 4.2 u softmodded what do i need to update?

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    4.0 u softmodded what do i need to update?

    Dusted off the old Wii, i soft modded over a year ago on 4.0U. What file/files should i update so i have the latest CIOS etc. Been out of the loop so long just want it all up to date.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Not possible as 4.2 didn't come out until the end of September 2009.

    Just follow one of our 4.2 guides, they are updated with all latest versions of cIOS, Priiloader etc. You can omit any parts you don't want or need.

    Or were you hoping for a list of things with links?
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    Ooops i meant 4.0 U, Should i upgrade the firmware to a point (i know the evil Tendo removes things on the newer firmware) leave it as is?
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    4.2 was only released to kill softmods. You're fine on 4.0 but can go to 4.1 if you want. If you install cios38rev17 and neogamma rev8 you should be pretty up to date. If you get any black screens loading games ensure you have the ios the game needs. You can find out which ios a game needs by searching for tealc's guide on this. Other than that, you're good to go. Ensure you either have bootmii as boot2 or priiloader, though for brick protection.

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    May as well take it to 4.1 seen a guide to do it safely.. Thanks for the reply off to dust off that SD card.


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