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Thread: Problem with reading blanks

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    Problem with reading blanks

    I installed the Wasabi DX, I successfully flashed the chip withe the 3.0 firmware disc. The problem is that now my Wii is giving me the "please eject disc" error screen with backups, INCLUDING the wasabi 3.0 firmware disc. Im using verbatims and burning at 6x with ImgBurn. Anyone have a clue on what the problem is?

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    Are the Verbatim "-R" ?
    Try burning at 4x.

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    There +r but i read that it didn't matter as much as people made it out the be. I can't burn them less 6x because the IMGburn won't let burn it slower.

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    I've read that some Wii drives have problems reading DVD+R. Try burning in -R.


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