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Thread: USB loader failed - now blacks screens

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    USB loader failed - now blacks screens

    First of all; great site. Thanks so much for the valuable info that I have gathered so far. Great Job !!

    A week ago, I successfully loaded up the Home brew channel, then started to backup my Wii discs to my USB hard drive. I was able to play the games directly from the drive. All was fine. Until this morning:

    At the point of loading a game, the system would hang. I tried to troubleshoot this, by deleting a game (SM bros) then reinstalling it. This simply then resulted in a black screen when I cicked the spinning on-screen disc.

    I then tried to further troubleshoot by re-installing everything from back to front. The best I got, was still a black screen (no sound) at the same point of loading the game at the spinning disc.

    I then tried to start again, from the start, re-formated the SD card, and the hard drive. Still the same black screen.

    I am running at 4.2U.

    I have spent quite a bit of time on this. Can anyone shed any light on this?


    everything from start to finish

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    Try deleting the config file from the sd, a new one will be created when you start usb loader

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    Black screen is usually a missing ios. What guide did u follow to softmod? What cios rev do u have? Did u look at the NSMB guide b4 installing? What Loader r u using?


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