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Thread: Samurai Warriors 3 PAL issues.

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    Samurai Warriors 3 PAL issues.

    Burned the disc perfectly, I have a working backup of Sengoku Musou 3 (same game but JAP). This game just doesnt want to work. Tried numerous region settings in neogamma. best I could get was a rolling coloured screen that progresses until you create a save then just stays black! any help?7

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    Hey there Nj , ive got the same problem here , so ill share what lil info ive think ive found about the problem, First Off , its a PAL version , and it seem that on NTSC wii ( so NTSC tv ) it wont get on properly , but a friend of mine has it working on as PAL system, PAL TV trought IOS 222 or 223 ,cant remember which. And working is a relative term , everything work except for story mode , in which its suposed to play a movie when you start it, but nothing but a black screen , So for us NTSC folks , wait for a workaround or ( IMO i cant think of anything to fix that....) wait for the NTSC version.
    And yes , i know , its a shame for now , so ill go play it in jap for a while

    EDIT: wait for a new one to surface , its a bad dump. seem to be some problems with the Video and the fact that its DL
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    experiencing similar issues with a PAL SW3 on a PAL wii

    Hi there guys,

    I do have a PAL wii and I have tried IOS222 and 223 with no luck. the PAL SW3 just repeats the black screen after the game loads.

    I use wiiflow and I went through most of the options there.
    If anything comes up, I'll let you know....


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    I got the proper release and i used ios 223 and oo2 fix on, vid=pal 50 ....worked this way for me on wiiflow r43. on ntsc wii

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    Thanks but I guess my release is not the proper one.
    your recommended ios 223 ; 002 fix on; vid=pal 50 did not work for me.

    Thanks for the effort anyway. I'lwait for the proper release to come up.


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    I feel that you are leaving some information out that will get peoples hopes up...
    You say you got it working on an NTSC TV with Forced PAL50, but I can only assume that you have different cables and a HDTV. Thats pretty crucial information...

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    yea forgot to mention that sorry. hdtv and composite cables

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    Sorry to bump and old thread, but is the problem just that the PAL Version of this game doesn't want to work and the JAP Version has been working just fine?

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    Does anybody know if running it on ios 223 and oo2 fix on, vid=pal 50 works for usb loader?


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