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Thread: HBC from BootMii not working, USB Loader GX rev923+ Unable to Install Game

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    HBC from BootMii not working, USB Loader GX rev923+ Unable to Install Game

    This all happened today when I tried to install Super Mario Galaxy 2 to my Wii.

    I turned on my Wii today and from the BootMii menu, I tried to load the Homebrew Channel. I just get a blank (black) screen and my TV displays no signal. I thought it was just a glitch since I haven't used the Wii in a while but I got the same black screen when trying to load HBC from the BootMii Menu. I can however go use the Wii Menu and load the Homebrew Channel from there. So from there I loaded USB Loader GX (rev923) and tried to install SMG 2. I loaded the disc and tried to install it. It just sort of froze at the game install screen with just the Background display and music still playing. The Wii Remote is still responsive and I can move the cursor around but nothing else happens. I tried updating to the latest USB Loader GX revision (929) but even then it doesn't allow me to install games. Actually when I use rev929, it just hangs when I click on the "+" to install the game. Again the remote is still responsive and I can move the cursor around so the system isn't frozen. So I tried to install another game: Twilight Princess thinking that it was just the new game giving me the problem but the issue remains the same even with this older game. So now I'm thinking that there's something wrong with my DVD drive but I can play Discs/DVDs just fine from the Wii Menu. Any thoughts on how to fix this problem? I softmodded my Wii using this guide HERE. I just don't know if I can use this guide HERE to update my system. I'm running System Menu 3.2U, Homebrew Channel 1.0.6 IOS35 v4.16, and I believe the latest cIOS I have installed is cIOS38r14. Any help here would be appreciated. I just don't want to start fiddling around and install/uninstall things that will turn my Wii into a brick.

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    Were you following our guide when installing SMG2? A bunch of the recent USB Loader GX releases have been buggy, try an older version as well. I take it existing games already installed (presumably you mean to HD) still work as-is?

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    revert back to rev921 after r922 gx went buggy

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    Reverted back to 921, works like a charm. I was able to Install and play SMG2. Now any ideas on how to fix HBC not loading from the BootMii Menu... I hate going into the Wii Menu I think I might have updated HBC a few weeks back and that might be the cause of it not booting from BootMii. Can I install an older version of HBC over what I have now?
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