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Thread: USB Loader freezing

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    USB Loader freezing

    I'm trying to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 on my 4.1 Wii, but it freezes whenever I try to go to a new level (so it actually loads, but just freezes). I read the Super Mario Galaxy 2 problematic guide and the first 12 pages dealt with NeoGamma and loading from a disc, so I stopped after 13 pages because I could not find what I was looking for (USB Loader GX freezes). I did everything contained Dogeggs guide and used Priiloader to block disc updates, which according to the SMG2 guide is all you have to do. So, I'm pretty much lost.

    Can anyone tell me what it is I need to do?

    (If this gets closed can the mod who closed it please point me in the right direction [maybe a link])

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    Since you're aware of the Recommended Guide, it's best to search within it first (not just the first 12 pages) and then post within that thread. It's possible that's something is "out of whack" on your softmod as well. I'd either search the entire thread and/or do a syscheck (a report of IOS/revisions installed) within the 3.1-4.1 thread to bounce it off the regulars (that'd be me among many others) so we can have a look.


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