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Thread: Wii Speak Question?

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    Wii Speak Question?

    I recently discovered a Wiispeak microphone on clearance and decided I would purchase it. Later I would discover that in order to use the channel users must be logged into WiiConnect 24. I may have overlooked this topic somewhere else but, have yet to find my answer. I am currently running 4.2u with the ability to run usb backups and all the homebrew that entails. My question is how can I use this feature with a soft modded Wii without connection to the update server on WiiConnect 24? I have installed the channel via wad manager but, have yet to see much discussion about this topic. Once again if I overlooked it elsewhere I apologize but, I am very eager to know what my options are. Thank you in advance.

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    Do you have Priiloader installed? It can now block any online attempt at updating your Wii. Wiijohn has a tutorial on this, search the site.


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