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Thread: Basic Newbie Questions

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    Basic Newbie Questions

    Hopefully these questions aren't too basic,

    I want to buy a second hand wii, and soft mod it, then be able to play games from a USB device. I have a spare 500GB Seagate USB Drive.

    So on to the questions...

    Is that all possible?

    Are there any consoles to avoid which I won't be able to mod?

    Does it need a working CD drive for the above? I doubt I'll ever need the CD drive but was unsure if the soft mod process requires the CD drive? Seen a few for sale with worn out lasers etc.

    Any thing else to watch out for?

    Thanks in advance

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    Yeap, you can make any wii to play from usb.

    You can mod any console, but older is better, if you are buying a second hand wii. Newer wiis have optical drive, which can't read dvds. although it doesn't matter as you are going to play trough hdd. But if you can get wii purchased before 2008 or early 2008 you could install bootmii as boot2, and therefore you would have almost unbrickable wii. So if you can find old enough, that would be great, but you can play trough hdd with any wii.

    You wont need a working cd drive for computer, but i guess you meant the drive of wii. it doesn't need to be working, but it wont hurt. You can't backup your games if you don't have a working optical drive, and remember that wiihacks doesn't support piracy.

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    Thanks for that,

    I'll see what I can find - looks like I will need one with a working optical drive then as my intention is to purchase the games then store them on the harddrive. I hate having loads of discs around and swapping them round, so having the games on the HD will cure that problem. I can then archive the originals in a box in the loft then when I'm sick of a game, I can delete it from the HD and sell the pristine game on, rather than a selling a scratched CD in a tatty box.

    I take it then there is no way to backup your games just using a PC Drive?

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    Only about 4 dvd drives can use disc and it would be twenty times faster just to rip them to a usb hdd. After you do that you can transfer the iso to the pc and burn as many discs as you want.


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