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Thread: cIOS help so i watch dvds and use a flash drive

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    cIOS help so i watch dvds and use a flash drive

    I am new at hacking wii and this is where my problem comes in. I have the Homebrew Channel installed as well as bootmii and DVDX. Once i downloaded MPlayer CE which i read was supposed to play DVD's didnt for me. I read everywhere and found that i would need the Trucha bug restored and a cIOS. I also wanted to use a usb loader which also requires a different cIOS. When i was looking up the process to do this i found it could really mess up your wii. So I am nervous to proceed because i cant find any help that solves both of my problems. I downloaded and ran signCheck which still dosent help because it says using ios 36 but down further it says Analyzed IOS 70 which confuses me even more but alnog with that it tells me that :
    Trucha bug: Disabled
    Flash Access: Disabled
    Boot2 Access: Disabled
    USB 2.0 IOS tree: Disabled

    All I want to know is how to fix this so i watch dvds and use a flash drive. I am also running 4.2U I am sorry not to have mentioned it before.

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    Did you follow a guide COMPLETELY to mod your wii? It doesn't sound like you have so you are missing a bunch of important items. Follow the 4.2 guide that is stickied on this forum to the letter to mod your wii first. I highly recommend that you read it completely first then read it completely again and then proceed to follow it.
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