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Thread: Running Games from USB Stick

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    Running Games from USB Stick

    Can i run wii games from a 16 gig cruzer memory stick?

    If so i can't seem to put a 4 gig iso on this stick, i get a message saying there isn't room but its 16 gig for sure and i took everything off it. Is there something obvious i need to do?

    I tried formatting it and same result.

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    are you formatting it with fat32? If so fat32 wont except data over 4gb.

    Just use WBFS MANAGER and format it to WBFS and load iso's on through that.

    They will be scrubbed to a smaller size as well

    Have a look at this thread and scroll down and it shows you what to do with WBFS Manager
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    Didn't know that about formatting with fat 32.

    Thx mate.

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    Or convert the .ISO files to .WBFS files, then you can put them on your FAT32 USB Stick.

    Also your first post should be in the introductions section. Have a look at the USB HDD Guide linked in my signature for more info.
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