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Thread: Having problems installing hombrew on korean wii ufter downgrade from 4.2

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    Exclamation Having problems installing hombrew on korean wii after downgrade from 4.2

    ...Please help...

    My wii (originally 4.xx korean) came softmoded when i bought it from china, it also came semi-bricked.
    My Family wanted to use the internet channel on the wii so i unbriked it using this guid installed 4.1E to ios36 and my wii became unbricked so i set up internet. Sometime later Neogamma stoped workin (becausee of something i did with wad manager)

    I formated my wii hoping i can reinstall everything again and it will work. i tried installing hombrew using (hackmii - bannerbomb) but it said that i have no vulnerable ios (i didnt know how to fix it before) and seatched youtube for anorther way to install hombrew. i found one which said to update to 4.2 and i upgraded using dip-mii to 4.2E wich got me briked with korean error:003 which i managed to fix by downgrading using dop-mii (started with prii-loader) back to 4.1E.

    After researching for awile about no vulnerable ios thing fix and i did the tracha bug restorer thing, i tried to install hombrew again on 4.1E again. i got into the hackmii/bootmii using bannerbomb but unlike the last time where i pressed 1 after the scam warning screen, the scam warning screen froze and didnt tell me to press 1.

    i only need hombrew to install neogamma so please help me to install homebrew or if possible neogamma alone

    -help me install neogamma on korean 4.1E - bootmii/hackmii freezes on scam warning screen
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    Korean Wii that is region changed (usually to 4.XU) and updated will result in error #003 brick. Usually there's no way to unbrick this from what I've read in the bricked section. No vulnerable IOS = cIOSCorp installed. I think that was your saving grace in terms of unbricking, if memory serves from all the posts I've read.

    Formatting <> virginizing, sorry. Freezing could be due to cIOSCorp still installed (likely), or using an incompatible SD card (2gb or less full SD and formatted to FAT32 --- no MicroSD/SDHC stuff).

    Look here for one solution, and here for a long term solution after performing the first.

    Failing the above option, you can try this and the posts/threads in-thread linked by mauifrog. Good luck.

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    thanks for the very quick reply.
    ill try to get rid of cIOSCorp (hope it works)
    p.s i unbricked error:003 by luck. After i gave up on unbriking the wii (spent like 4 days researching)
    my 4 year old brother thought he could fix the wii. by pressing all the buttons he luckily managed to enter priiloader (now i know its power + reset on start when bricked) and i downgraded using dop-mii.
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    I would try to format the sd-card, redownload the hackmii installer, and reisntall ios36(with patches) and ios34(without patches) using dop-mii (bannerbomb it).
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    thank. your sujestion on ios36&34 helped me

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