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Thread: Tried this to get Monster hunter tri working but....

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    Tried this to get Monster hunter tri working but....


    I followed this to get monster hunter tri working

    but not only did it not work, now most games that i play seem to freeze. Games are ran through usb gx loader rev 828 iso249 (rev 14)

    Softmoded 3.2e

    can i just undo what i did? if so how? cos if i go back into cios 222 installer, there is no uninstall option?


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    Please do not start another MH3 thread. If you have a question relating to the tutorial (whether it's the game itself, or a side effect), please post within that thread. You've either followed a non-wiihacks guide in softmodding your Wii in the first place, or an older incarnation of it. The installation of IOS 222 has no effect on IOS 249; make sure USB Loader GX is set back to IOS 249 for global IOS to run off of. You can use anytitledeleter or I believe DOP-Mii to remove the Hermes IOS you installed. If you didn't follow a wiihacks guide on the softmod, that may be partially the source of the problem as well and it'd be recommended you seek assistance from the folks that provided that tutorial. Good luck.


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