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Thread: Wii2HDMI Adapter

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    Wii2HDMI Adapter

    I just ordered me one of these puppies. My main display is my monitor, until now there was nothing cheap to convert the wii to hdmi. I know it will only be 480p but atleast it will now be widescreen on my 24" monitor rather than my POS 20" crt tv.

    Check it out. Wii2HDMI - HDMI your Wii.

    I'll post reviews once it arrives.

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    very interesting. i wonder if there will be any noticeable delay while it encodes the signal from analog back to digital. Please let us know if there is any lag.
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    Indeed I shall. It'll be a few weeks before it arrives. I have to wait for my paypal payment to clear my bank, then wait for it to be shipped from Hong Kong. As soon as it arrives I'll post reviews.

    If anyone gets one in the meantime feel free to hijack my thread here and post your review.
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    Talking to igot6strings

    Big brother ~
    How's the quality arrr ??
    I am very interesting to this wor....

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    Why not just grab the RGB (component) cables? You get 480p widescreen and would probably have saved some money since you can pick them up almost everywhere that sells Wiis. I paid $20 for mine and they are MonsterCable brand.

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    Well obviously if you read any of my post at all before commenting you would of clearly seen that I said my monitor is my main display and what I will be using for the Wii. Thus only HDMI, DVI or VGA. I don't know of any monitors that have component/composite cable inputs. Next time read before commenting, you'll look a little less silly.

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    Try backing off a bit on the attitude there igot6strings. No one's better or worse than anyone else here, and insulting the people you're asking for help only encourages others who have your answers to attend the issues of someone else.
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    Indeed. The comment made above was just a suggestion and if you read it you can tell the Poster meant nothing by it.

    I don't know of any monitors that have component/composite cable inputs
    - This is off topic but I'll point out that some Monitors do in fact have component and composite inputs.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    I'm really interested by this thing but I haven't been able to find a single review yet. I'm looking forward to reading your feedback once you receive it

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    Hey! you're in luck Kookiz. It arrived today.
    Its well worth the money and I would have to say its the best thing you can buy to hook your wii up to HDMI. There is no loss in quality and I would have to say its equal to using component cables on a hdtv. If your tv, or in my case, your monitor doesn't support component cables then by all means buy this.
    I've tried various other devices and adapters and this is by far the best. It actually does what it says it does, no more no less. Well worth the $39 and shipping from Hong Kong was super quick.

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