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Thread: New Black Wii

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    New Black Wii

    Ok, I looked through various stickies ect,. and I didn't see this listed anywhere. Does anyone know what drive the black wii has or is it various different types just like the white wii?

    I'm trying to figure out if it's worth getting the black wii to mod (chip). Also does anyone have one and suggest a chip to use.

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    It has the type of drive that can't read back up discs. Only thing you can do is softmod and load games from usb.

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    Any idea if the new Wii white bundle is the same way? I guess it would be the same issue considering it's new as well but maybe they took older wiis and just packaged it in.

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    If it comes 4.2 out of box then yes it most likely will have the new drive...

    - sry


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