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Thread: Game Wads Questions

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    Game Wads Questions

    After some searching I have found some solutions but couldn't find any definite answers, but I would like to know...

    1: What is the best way to delete (or manage) Channels (game wads) I install through wad manager?

    2: Will deleting them through the Wii data management hurt anything?

    3: How do you know how much space is left on the Wii to install to?

    4: Is there a way to have the wads on my sd card or usb device and play them?

    The main reason for these q's is I installed about 5 game wad's and now my wii is giving me an error that my disk space is used up, and I didn't think just a few games would do it, and now I can only get to the data management screen to remove them. (I can reboot to priiloader and go into the homebrew channel and use wad manager though I think if needed).

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for these n00b q's
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    1. You can use the Wii or Wadmanager, you will need the original wad on the SD card to uninstall using Wadmanager.

    2. I doubt it.

    3. Not sure, the Wii will report how many blocks are left though, if that`s any use.

    4.You need to use Nand Emulation like Trii-Force.

    You could also move the installed games between the Wii and the SD card when you want to play a game.


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