Maybe this has been repeated by someone else on another thread but i could not find it.

my problem is that i have had a chip in my wii (bluish colour 2 wires n 4 copper wires if that makes sense to anyone) and had it since the was bought out and chip became available so a few yrs now.

the wii worked perfect for ages n played every backup i did until it stopped for no reason and now refuses to play even origianal games.

if i put in the disc the wii disc will spin and look like its about to work then approx 5 loud beeps from somewhere happen and then on screen it says can not read disc error consult manual.

is this problem easily fixed or do i have a faulty DVD drive in it.

any help would be much appreciated as got plenty of games and no wii now!!

hope someone has some info and i can provide more info if u need it.

many thanks