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Thread: Should I buy xbox 360 arcade?

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    Question Should I buy xbox 360 arcade?

    I just bought my wii(love it), so I'm a little short on money but arcade is affordable for me. I plan to buy one but I'm still worrying about the ring of death so can anyone tell me is arcade has more chance of having the ring of death then pro and elite?
    If there is anyone who have experience with arcade, please tell me ?
    Thank you in advance

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    i'm 90% sure that the new arcade models contain the Jasper chip and so you should be fine. But the truth is thay all rrod. This is a fault in all 360's because of the lead free solder they use. a few tricks to help it live longer: keep it off the floor with plenty off space around it if possible. Don't play it for silly amounts of time in one sitting.

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    Thank you very much. I set up my mind now, I'm going to buy an arcade. Thanks again..

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    All new models contain the jasper chipset. As lone as the box it comes in only shows 2 models. If the box has 3 models listed it is old hardware.
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    I've been using an xbox 360 arcade for years and is working great.
    One tip: Dont use the xbox vertically it will rrod because it will overheat.

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    I've got a core that I have had for years without RROD. You just have to keep it safe, IE don't box it up in an enclosed area, don't use it vertically, etc.

    Mines also Flashed to play backup games, I'm actually trying to sell it for close to what you would pay for the arcade if you are interested in one that can play backups like the Softmodded Wii. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Good luck!


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