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Thread: hard modding and new super mario bros problem

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    hard modding and new super mario bros problem

    Hello there ! I am a completely new at this so please do not be hard on me! I have hard modded my wii actually a friend of mine did it for me. Unfortunately I do not know what type of mod chip I have installed in my wii console.So as most people I have been trying to play new super mario bros .However the only guides i have found concern the soft modded wiis and there is nothing about hard modded wiis.Can i install a homebrew channel in my hard modded wii and a usb loader so as to play this game?or do i have to follow a different procedure?Also if i buy the original can i run it on my wii because the package box says that the game can find out any malicious harware or software i think so i guess if this happens then probably my console will be locked(not sure).Thank you very much i hope i have posted my questions on the correct thread

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    Chances are its not a USB HDD Mod since you cant see it and so this is in the worng section and secondly if you don't know then either ask your friend or open it yourself and check so you can check if there is firmware for the chip which fixes the BCA problem and buying the original which is what you should of done before you downloaded the game would of actually allowed you to play it problem free off the disc as there would of been no need for BCA patching and such.


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