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    This might have been said before...Long time ago i hacked my wii 4.2E with the first guide and all but i found a better one that i wanna try...

    Question is even knowing i have softmodded the wii can i scrubb the SD card and start all over again...I'm ready to go but anted to ask first....

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    'Better one'?

    Why start over? Once you have modded your Wii everything else is just updating.

    If the new guide has something special and different then simply put that on your SD card, install, play or whatever.
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    Just had alot of crap on there from my fist mod...I had starpatch now i wanna try priiloader and some other stuff..All i was worried about if i started again will it stuff my wii...

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    I was going to go of this Guide...

    Let me change that link for you. ENJOY!!!!
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    Please don't link to other sites. There's a guide on updating to priiloader. search a little. It's just like.... it's just like... a mini-Mawl!


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