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Thread: DVD Read Errors

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    DVD Read Errors

    Long story short I modded my Wii a couple months ago and was playing burned games and everything on it no problem. My dad messed with it for a while and I'm not sure what he did but both burned and retail discs are no longer being read by the normal disc loader channel or Neogamma (gives DVD Read Error 1048).

    As I said before I played burned games and such before without any problems and my dad tried to mess with the mods on his own and I'm basically wondering if there is a way to find out what exactly he did to it and what my options are for being able to play my games.

    I'm a pretty technically savvy person but Wii mods are still pretty foreign to me so any help would be awesome.

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    Well, try running a syscheck with DOP-Mii. Post the results here.
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    Here's my log, if you need anything else let me know.
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    4.2 Right? Your IOS36 Should be Trucha Patched. ( for 4.2 do step 3 of Shadow Sonic 2's Softmod Tutortial).

    I'm guessing you don't have Priiloader installed because your IOS70 isn't patched. Look on the site for a Guide on Priiloader, making sure to install the IOS70 patched FIRST. (This is included in the guide)

    Also you can update your 249 rev 14 to rev 17 if you want. Run the cIOS38 Rev17 Installer and it will overwrite your 14 install.
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    Alright, so I've tried everyting suggested and Neogamma is no longer giving me "DVD Read Error 1048", but it is now giving me "DVD Err(1252), Disc ID" for both retail and burned games, and retail games still aren't loading from the default disc loader. I've uploaded a newer DOP-Mii log, not sure if it'll be any help but just trying to cover all the bases.

    Again the advice provided is much appreciated, I havn't had any errors with installing anything so I'm guessing it's an issue with the drive iself, if anyone has any suggestions before I pull it apart to clean it let me know, thanks!

    EDIT: Oh, and yes I am on 4.2
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    Everything shows in your syscheck so that went fine. To be honest I don't know what it could be...hopefully someone else will have a possible solution for you.

    I looked around for info on that second error but couldn't really find anything. Can you ask your dad what he did?
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    It's been a couple months and he doesn't remember, but I just got off the phone with Nintendo and they're letting me repair the console under warranty since the serial number was never registered...not exactly the way I'd like to go with it but it's better than nothing I guess, now it's just time to virginize it and everything and send it in.

    Again I appreciate the help, but I guess this thread can be closed now.


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