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Thread: issues with Wiisper fan from Talismoon

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    issues with Wiisper fan from Talismoon

    wasn't sure where to put this, but here goes...

    I wanted my Wii to look like my xbox 360, clear and full of blue leds...

    I have an XCM clear case and a XCM blue led kit, also ordered a Talismoon blue led fan

    first one I will assume was DOA, second one lit up and fan did not work, smelled like burnt coffee (capicator or mosfet when popped) - they were purchased from which has been great so far about wanting to resolve the issue. I have also tried to contact talismoon about this

    my Wii is a new unit about 2 month old I think, USA, came with 4.2U, serial is LU74200xxxx, and from what I can tell has that hated newer disc drive

    I know the XCM chameleon harness and the Wiisper fan harness share a common ground but different power (I assume 12v and 5volt) was there ever any hardware revisions that would make the adapter obsolete?

    would the wiiconnect24 have anything to do with this?

    everything is installed and then power hooked up

    any advice or insight would be great at the moment, thanks
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    Could be better to post in this section

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