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Thread: I can't play FFCC: My life as a King :/

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    I can't play FFCC: My life as a King :/

    well, I installed this game, and when I run it, it gets me back to the main menu :S
    I don't know why, because I have ios 38, 53 and 55, and I can play My life as a darklord, pokemon rumble and lost winds.. so can anyone help me with this? u_u

    firmaware: 3.1U

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    Are you sure the wad isn't corrupt? Did it install all the way to completion with no errors? Is the wad the same region as your wii's system menu and the other vc that's installed and working? I'm not 100% sure on how to help you, just offering some insight on things i'd double check myself.
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    well I downloaded it from here :/ (it says NTSC), and yes the installation was completed with no errors, actually, I have downloaded the game like 4 o 5 times, and always the same thing u_u

    Maybe because I installed cios rev 19? and later on, I read that 17 was better than 19, yand I went back to 17 x___x I don't know :/


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