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Thread: Internet connection needed to play backups with GX Loader on 4.2E?

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    Internet connection needed to play backups with GX Loader on 4.2E?

    I have unlocked and resold several wiis using this guide:

    Wiis are updated to the newest 4.2E and it seems that a lot of games won't play unless you're connected to the internet. Anybody has the same experience and knows why that seems to be the case, because i don't get it?


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    I know it's really weird. One customer told me about this, that a lot of games didn't work for him untill he connected his wii to the internet. I tryed at home on my Wii and when i unplugged the LAN adapter a lot of games didn't work (most loaded, but freezed in the first minute or two.).
    I connected the LAN adapter and it worked fine again.

    I get my Wiis already with 4.2E menus and before i softmod them, i update the software with the latest patch from nintendo (its some number: 6621412 or something).

    I use external WD Element 500GB hard drive and a PAL European console.

    I thought or the only thing that came to mind is that this latest nintendo patch stops hacked games from working and that GXloader somehow counters that when it's online...


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