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Thread: What Would Be the Best USB Loader?

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    What Would Be the Best USB Loader?

    Since there are many different USB Loaders recently, I'm asking myself what would be the best one to use, in terms of compatibility. The GUI doesn't matter to me too much, it's just that I want most of the games to work, without error codes while booting, or rather while playing the game.

    The compatibility with games, lies this more in your cIOS, or the USB Loader program itself? I guess if it's lies within the cIOS, I just choose the USB Loader which works the best and most comfortable for me.

    Oh, another question I might ask, now that I am already at the point of USB Loaders. I have a PAL Wii, but playing NTSC games with a USB Loader is safe?

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    Most of the loaders work fine. I have cfg usb loader, wiiflow and usb loader gx, all work fine but i tend to use cfg usbloader and have had no problems at all and ntsc games play no problem.


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