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Thread: Having troubles with USB HDD?

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    Ca Having troubles with USB HDD?

    Alright, I started using my USB Drive (Seagate 500gb) on my wii and everything seems to seem fine at first, until I spend some time into a game. After a little while, the game (or sometimes the loader itself, which is usb loader gx) just freezes and stops working. I'm using usb loader gx (latest version and I've done all updates within application), im using cIOS38 rev 17, Hermes 222 ver 4 (Usb loader gx doesn't support 5 yet from what I hear), I'm pretty sure my IOSes are ok because I frequently check and I always manage to play them at the beginning. For settings, I have The 002 fix on and everything else on default. I have an NTSC wii and only play NTSC games.

    If anyone can point out a reason why this spontaneous freezing helps, that would be greatly appreciated

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    I have had a simular problem aswell with usb loader gx, Since i haven't found the right solution I have just been loading games from neogama via usb hard drive

    (Just as a temp way of loading games without them freezing, at least for me)
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    Its quite possible that you drive is spinning down, I think there is a utility to disable for seagate drives.


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