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Thread: whitch mod chip possible d2b

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    Us whitch mod chip possible d2b

    hey guys ive been reading and reading and reading all day just trying to absorb as much information as possible and now im finally out to ask a question my serial number is LU521243733 and was wondering as of right now what is the best solder-less modchip option out there for me? im looking for a chip that can be updated via dvd if possible

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    1) According to Nintendo-Scene Wii Serial Tracker, NSWST:

    Your drive chip is most likely GC2-D2B.
    A 37% chance that the pins are not cut.
    And a 63% chance that that they are cut.

    2) According to Wii Drive Chip Database, WDCD:

    There is a 50% chance the chip set is GC2-D2B (no cut pins or missing pad).
    And there is also a 25% chance the chip set is GC2-D2B with cut pins.
    Lastly, a 25% chance the chip set is GC2-D2B with cut pins and missing third pad.
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    so most likly its a d2b chipset but the issue is if the legs are cut or not. either or is that soddler-less option that can handle both of these issues?

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    If you go with the bigger percentage than you have the D2B with no cut pins.

    I'm sure any of the great people and sellers on this site will work with you and provide better knowledge on what chip you need.

    The better way, if you can possibly buy the small triwing and phillips screwdrivers first, is to open it it up to diagnose exactly what you have.

    Even better is to the take pictures of it and post it here so they can tell verify it.

    I'm not sure if the Wii clips can handle cut pins or not.

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    Hi, well the good thing is you know for sure you have a d2b. If its cut leg a wiikey won't work, so to eliminate that using a newer chip that uses different points is the ideal solution.

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