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Thread: Messed Up Big Time #2

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    Messed Up Big Time #2

    I just made a thread stating my problem, if you could unclose it so I can get my problem solved?

    You closed it before even reading my post all the way I guess. I don't have access to HBC. The the response you gave was a link to a guide that says Start off by Launching Dop-Mii from HBC. Which I do not have access to.

    The only reason I posted in the first place is because I have been doing hours and hours of reading here and have not found my answer. I think my problem is out of the ordinary and I am sorry it's a issue in the first place but it is what it is.

    Please abide by the rules and make everyone here feel at home with how you post and conduct yourself, We all are here to help. Please enjoy and WELCOME TO THE ULTIMATE WII HACKS COMMUNITY
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    Gotta love a guy who selectively quotes site rules but fails to quote the one about creating another thread after the first is closed. And since I gave our usual, customary greeting (being he's not posted in the Introductions Section of the site as stipulated in posting rules) which included this and he failed to take the time to read it...

    Your problem is both typical and ordinary relating to cIOSCorp/DarkCorp and you were given instruction here yet elected to not pursue that advice. Believe it or not, we've been "around the block" on this subject more than you know.
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