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Thread: State of GC backups on newer Wiis (firmware 4.2 & D3-2 drives)

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    Question State of GC backups on newer Wiis (firmware 4.2 & D3-2 drives)

    I just wanted to confirm my understanding of this situation for these Wiis.

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    Is this all correct and have I missed any information about other methods for GC backup USB loading in the works?
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    Your only option as of now is to buy a WODE to play GC games from usb since your wii can not read backed up discs due to the new chipset.

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    If you could source an older drive (or rather the small PCB/logic board attached to said drive), you could at least still play'em on your Wii if you did a swapout. Still ain't USB, but it's something as an alternative to a WODE (if budget isn't a consideration, by all means buy a WODE!)

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