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Thread: Help Playing Wii ISOS from a FAT32 USB Drive

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    Help Playing Wii ISOS from a FAT32 USB Drive

    My goal is to fill a FAT32 external HDD with Wii ISO backups so i can transfer it between the Wii and my PC to play on emulators. I have had success with the WBFS method, however I'd like the backups to be in ISO format so I don't need an additional copy since HDD space is tight.

    If this is in fact possible, what needs to be done with the FAT32 HDD (iso naming convention ala R8PE01"?) and what would be the ideal USB-loader app for FAT-32 ISO's? I realize this format requires files less than 4GB and I have tried scrubbed ISO's that have worked on emulators but none of my USB loaders including GX recognized them.

    Another question I have is whether or not Wii ISO's can be dumped to this FAT32 drive. This would seem problematic because of the 4GB file size limit. However, if they can be dumped as .WBFS, converted and scrubbed on PC that'd be great since I have no Wii compatible DVD drive or mobo with IDE hookups. If this is possible, what would be the best app for dumping?


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    It seems I've found a pretty good solution for this. Using Configurable USB loader .ISO's can be played off of an NTFS formatted drive. CFG loader doesn't quite have the sexiest interface but I think this may be the best solution. I've been using trimmed ISO's with a lot of success with the exception of a few.

    This way one is able to load .ISO (usually trimmed) for play on the Wii as well as the Dolphin emulator (for all the high-res junnkies) without the need for two different filetypes for each game.

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    What's wrong with the looks of Configurable USB Loader, I've been using it for over a year and notice nothing wrong with the display. A year ago I quit using GX because it wouldn't boot a game I had and CFG would. It's good you found a solution. But when you extract an ISO from a WBFS partition, it will be in a ISO format, so I don't know what the problem is there. For FAT32 format, there is an app that will split the ISO if it it over 4GB, so you can install games over 4GB to a FAT32 drive, the game will be in 2 parts.

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