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Thread: I need help titling fail thread titles

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    I need help titling fail thread titles

    hi guys i need some help with my wii....i updated to version 4.2 by mistake.not sure if it was on 3.4 or 3.2..anyway i want to downgrade my wii to an older virsion.cause i tried the full hacking guide 4.2...and noticed i dindnt need to update..stupid i cant run back it possible to downgrade and do the soft modding again using dogg egg's guide without bricking my wii....i just wnt to run backupgames with usb loader....thanks in advance...

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    Downgrading your Wii will brick you faster than you can say "oh ____!" There's two 4.2 guides; follow one or the other, downgrading will brick you (IOS 60 stubbed for one thing; other concerns on Wii bought anytime in the last year).

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