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Thread: How to Play AVI video files on my chipped Wii

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    How to Play AVI video files on my chipped Wii

    How do I go about doing this? I have the homebrew channel, Is there a program that will play the avi I have burnt to a DVD (as an AVI file) or do I have to transfer to SD card? If someone could help me as I need to let the kids watch a film tonight and the dvd player in their room won't play avi files unlike my one.

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    I believe MPlayerWii is what you are looking for.

    I just released MPlayerWii which is a native port of the MPlayer media player for the wii.

    MPlayerWii - MPlayer for the Nintendo Wii

    formats tested
    Containers: AVI, WMV, MKV, MP3, FLV (Flash Video), MP4, M4V, QuickTime
    Video codecs: Xvid, DivX, Windows Media, MPEG 1/2, H264
    Audio codecs: MPEG 1/2/3, Windows Media, AAC

    Update 10/03/08:

    -fixed screen color depth/banding issues (uses code from dhewg's mplayer port)
    -added progress bar osd display during seek/volume on videos

    -huge speedup on USB devices (thanks to rodries and Hermes)
    -added classic controller support to position and scale the video display

    -added file folders support
    -added fix for PAL widescreen users (set the correct setting in mplayerwii.conf)
    -much faster USB reading speed (huge thanks to rodries)

    -mount/unmount the SD card and/or USB drive so you can swap them out without reloading MPlayerWii (thanks to rodries)
    -added USB read-ahead cache (thanks to rodries)
    -added preliminary samba network share support (thanks to scip)
    -fixed startup crash when a usblan or usb keyboard is attached
    -added network streaming cache
    -added video scaling with the nunchuk (use joystick to move, Z button to stretch and C to reset)
    -added configuration file (put in the SD root folder)
    -new ascii logo by sensah

    -happy french bastille day!
    -added USB storage support (USB reading is dead slow unfortunately, only good for MP3 files)
    -added volume controls (Up/Down buttons on the wiimote)
    -added wiimote buttons repeat during playback
    -added preliminary test network streaming (shoutcast and mms)
    -longer filename display in the file selection screen
    -fix for widescreen aspect ratio (uses the Wii display settings)
    -more audio playback fixes

    -added svenp's libfat patches (better read speed on SD cards)
    -added pause button (A button on the wiimote)
    -disabled MPlayer's error/status text during video playback
    -file list now displays 20 files instead of 10
    -improved audio playback code

    - unzip the package into the "apps" folder on your SD card.
    - place video and audio files on the root folder of your SD card.
    - launch MPlayerWii through the Homebrew Channel.

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    the mplayer doesnt run files off DVD's, im hoping soon enouf it can
    but as of now only external usb or sd card

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    Thumbs up a big thank you from a noob

    i am new to this site and new to the wii system,

    i want to say a big thank you to all involved in the threads that helped me discover homebrew and how to downgrade to 3.2 again so my children could play their backup games that would not work since they first turned on on christmas day and updated to v3.4 ...... oh no!!

    thank you zelda and thank you to all you wii hackers for the pain free uncomplicated walkthroughs


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    a VERY HEART FELT THANK YOU jbloggs, for getting that out to us and all the work that was put into it... past and present coders. You just made my days alot easier to live with now that I Dont have to recode the AVIs into DVDs. you guys/gals are the best. Again THANK YOU

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    MPlayer is totally shit try GeexBox

    GeeXboX - WiiBrew

    It can play files off USB, External Hard Drive, off your comupter via being on the same network

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    Geexbox is totally sht. It has no wifi support so I can't stream via SMB or UpnP. See what I did there?

    Mplayerwii will work with your wii wifi

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    just try not to think u can replace your DVD player with a wii cuz it will burn off your wii DVD drive OK

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    Quote Originally Posted by dteric View Post
    just try not to think u can replace your DVD player with a wii cuz it will burn off your wii DVD drive OK
    Wait what?? What are you trying to say?

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    OK here is what i mean
    just try not to use your wii to watch dvd's frequently otherwise it will ware off the dvd drive

    sorry for any confuion

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