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Thread: What can/can't be done with sdHC on softmod 4.2?

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    What can/can't be done with sdHC on softmod 4.2?

    I searched for sdhc and tons of stuff came up, but not what I wanted, maybe I overlooked it, but....

    I just discovered how easy it was to load wad files onto my softmodded 4.2u wii. Now that I can load vc and wiiware games I need more memory. I don't want to mess with triforce (scared) so I thought about just buying a 16gb SDHC card and running these games from it. I was going to copy my 2GB SD card to the SDHC and hope everything works, but thought I would ask first.

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    Cards @ 8gb start giving the Wii problems, 16gb even more so. Look here for a compatibility list.

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    So if I got a compatible 8gb SDHC card, cloned my 2GB SD card to it, then the wii should boot without any issues and play all of my games (vc, wiiware....)???

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    That's a rather broad, blanket statement to make isn't it? I believe Neo Gamma has the ability to load off of SD card, I'm sure other loaders can as well. Some games require extra work, so your statement as a generalization is true but not in all cases. Look here to get an idea of what I mean. USB HD gaming is the best if an option for you (thought I'd throw that in there, certainly more cost-efficient).

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    Sorry, right now I run all Wii games from my external hard drive. Where all of my games work right now, if I was to clone my 2gb sd to an sdhc, would everything still work the same? I mainly wanted the sdhc for storage of the vc/wiiware games. I would prefer to run them from my external hd, but I understand triforce is needed and I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle getting that to work. Unless it's easier than I think, but I guess I'll have to do research on that.

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    IDK, I don't use TriForce or wiiware, sorry.

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    It's hit and miss when you get into sd card types. Do what I did. Get it, copy your stuff, and if it doesn't work take it back for a refund and try another.


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