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Thread: What sdhc cards will work with what on a softmodded 4.2 wii?

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    What sdhc cards will work with what on a softmodded 4.2 wii?

    I searched "sdhc" and found tons of answers, but not for what I'm looking for. Maybe I overlooked it, but..

    I just discovered out how easy it was to load vc/wiiware wad files onto the wii, but my 2gb sd card is getting full. Anyway, if I buy a newer larger sdHC card and copy my regular SD card's files to it, will everything load like normal? Why did I see the sdHC was an issue? How large of SDHC can I get?

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    Wiis using system menu 4.x will support SDHC cards up to 32GB. Please note that while the system menu will support SDHC cards up to 32GB, but not all homebrew applications will.

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    But when i try to use SDHC my WAD managers say ERROR! ret -1 but works fine whan i use my regular SD card. Why is this?

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    Because it is SDHC and as mentioned above not all SDHC cards will work with homebrew apps like wad manager, I have 3 SDHC cards, only one of which works for installing wads.
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    i am currently using a PNY Optima SDHC 4gig but i used a kingston SD card to Softmod my wii 4.2u

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    There is a wiibrew partial compatibility thread (woefully incomplete) here. There may be some on wiihacks, but you know --- that would involve dusting off the search box, OP (as a subtle hint).


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