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Thread: Upgrade To System Menu 4.2 Offline

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    Upgrade To System Menu 4.2 Offline

    I about to softmod a mates wii running 4.0e firmware and i want to upgrade to 4.2 but i dont have acess to wired or wireless net connection but i can download on my pda and i have all i need to softmod a system running 4.2e so what id like to know is how do i Upgrade To System Menu 4.2 Offline?
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    Have you even looked at the guide for that sys menu?? There is absolutely no need to upgrade. Infact it makes things harder to do. Follow dogeggs excellent guide found here: and you'll be up and running in no time at all

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    the only reason i want to upgrade is i already have all i need to softmod a 4.2 system and i have no way of connecting the wii to the internet to upgrade it to 4.2 so is there a way to download the 4.2 system and install it manually or am i just asking for trouble and should i just wait till i get a connection?

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    This is silly, thread closed. OP: do dogegg's guide, it works on 4.0 without requiring an update to 4.1 as-is. Instead you want to update due to either not understanding or laziness. The result will be a far more complicated tutorial that's more prone to newbie failure.

    Edit: the next user who asks this and has below 4.2 and prefers an offline method (though in this user's post, he was advised internet or an offline method was not necessary due to being @ 4.0) to update --- to 4.1, as users are extremely discouraged from choosing 4.2 --- look here both for the files themselves from Dogegg's tutorial as well as offline System Menu updates to 4.1

    This shouldn't need clarified, but if to prevent another user from doing so, it's worth it.
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