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Thread: Help!! my wii drive doesn't work any more.

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    Help!! my wii drive doesn't work any more.


    I had jap wii ( modded witd d2ckey ) and changed firmware to USA yesterday. after changed f/w my wii couldn't read original and backup title.
    I can't figure out what the problem is.

    Following is what I did yesterday.
    1. I had 3.3J firmware
    2. installed Homebrew Channel by twilight hack.
    3. run Region changer and changed region JAP to North America, USA
    4. run Downgrader and changed F/W 3.3J to 3.2U
    5. installed MegaMan 9 WAD.
    6. run MegaMan 9 once
    7. remove MegaMan 9
    8. seems can't read SD card.
    9. run system memory format form wii menu
    10. test backup disk ==> read error
    11. test original disk ==> read error
    12. run system upgrade from wii menu ( changed 3.2U to 3.3U)
    13. test backup disk ==> read error
    14. test original disk ==> read error

    It seems that my wii drive motor runs about 5~10 seconds at the time of media is inserted and then stop.

    Does my wii F/W or system has problem? or Do I need to change my wii drive?

    Help me plz!!!
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    Someone else here also had a similar issue after changing the region. It looks like its because even though you have changed your Wii's region, your modchips region is still set to Jap which is set by the jumpers on the D2CKey. So what you need to do is set the jumpers on D2CKey to be patched for USA Wii.

    Take alook at the table in the following link and set the jumpers accordingly for USA wii.

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    I don't know how to help but:

    This was the last thread I had to comment in order for me to be the latest poster on every thread at the front page!


    Do as J says, he knows his stuff.
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