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Thread: Intermittent Freezing During Gameplay

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    Question Intermittent Freezing During Gameplay

    First of all I'm very appreciative of this site; it has helped me very much.

    I did a search and didn't find anything about my problem: While playing certain games, at certain times, the game will just "pause" for about 5-10 seconds before resuming (after resuming the game will play fine). A prime example of this would be Mario Galaxy (1), during the initial cinematic it froze up about 10 different times, each about 5-15 seconds apart. It will also sometimes freeze while loading up a level or similar in the New Mario Bros, etc.

    My external harddrive is listed in the USB Compatibility list as working (Western Digital My P***port Essential WDBAAA3200ABK 320 GB - Working). The games I have on the drive are all direct rips.

    I am using 4.2U and latest 249 revision.

    My thought is that the external harddrive is spooling down or something, but it is approved under the compatibility...should I return it and get an external harddrive that requires a separate power supply so it does not do this?

    Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated.

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    Apparently this same question was asked about a year ago with no replies...time to return my harddrive is running out!

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    If some games run no problem then it could just be a bad rip. Remove it and rip it again. Could just be a doggy rip. With NSMB it could be another issue all together. Check out the guide by dave_pm on this game and give that a shot

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