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Thread: Is neogamma region free?

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    Is neogamma region free?

    Hello. I recently installed neogamma r7 in my wii and it works nice.

    My question is: I see an option to make it region free... can that really work? I mean, can I download a PAL game, witch region free on, and it will work fine on my NTSC wii?

    Another question is: there is also an option to change language. how would that work? is it possible to change the language of the game?

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    Yes, you can change the region and yes, it is possible to change the language of a game, provided the game contains that language.
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    Well the game i wanted was pikmin 2, and that is the exception. It ddesn't work.

    My other idea would be to translate the japanese version of the game to enlgish. its ntsc. would the language change work?

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    Hello you can download the regionfrii program and patch pal games to ntsc and it really works. it work for me. i have patch a few pal games and jap games . when you patch they automatically change language. try it it works if you are using a usb loader.

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    I tried patching PAL to NTSC with regionfrii and still no luck. It doesn't even register as a game on the disk channel and it and neogamma is just black. its like it corrupted the game.

    Would it translate if i downloaded the JAP NTSC version and patched it to USA? I mean I don't see how thats possible since regionfrii doesn't have the pikmin 2 english text encoded it nor does the iso (since it came out before there was an english version of the game)

    PS: My neogamma is r 8 and my cios is rev 14 and i do have ios 249 installed


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