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Thread: Mass Delete Game Saves?

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    Mass Delete Game Saves?

    I have a ton of game saves on my Wii from testing games and would like to wipe them all out. I can delete them on by one using the Wii settings menu, but it's rather tedious. I've looked at a few homebrew apps, but haven't found anything that can delete all the game saves en masse. Any thoughts on how to do this or do I just have to click through them all?
    ~ EncryptedBytes

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    i used to erase it one by one, on Wii SetUp screen.
    one quick way is to apply ATD (anytitle deleter) to kill the game TiTles on hbc screen. it's very fast and dirty. unless u're confident abt it, otherwise, one mistake to the ios/systmenu could cost u a lot !


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