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Thread: Top 10 Worst Games for the Wii

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    Thumbs down Top 10 Worst Games for the Wii

    In the Top 10 Essential Games for the Wii thread there are lots of great suggestions on what are the best Wii games to check out. Let's use this thread to suggest which are the worst Wii games that should be avoided in order to save our time, money, efforts, and sanity. I'll kick the list off with these nominations:

    • Mini Desktop Racing
    • Anubis II
    • Alvin and the Chipmunks
    • Jumper
    • Pool Party
    • Balls of Fury
    • GT Pro Series
    • Cooking Mama
    • Wheelspin
    • Cruis'n
    ~ EncryptedBytes

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    We could make a list of 300 or so. haha
    I haven't played most of those but I would agree with Cruis'n and Jumper, and would also add Wario Land : Shake it and M&M's Racing.

    Could think of many more...
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    While I fully realize the cited thread is in "game reviews" section of this site and the OP felt a similar thread (of game fails) should likely be there as well, this really isn't the case. No harm, no foul... but this hardly qualifies as "game reviews." I'd move the cited thread, but it's been there so long not much point in it.

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    I suspected as much but thought following the existing protocol was a good idea, being the new guy around here. Thanks for confirming my suspicion, now post a few terrible games
    ~ EncryptedBytes

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    astro boy - the game

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    Scene it? Twighlight, got it by mistake! worst excuse for a game ever!

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    Wii chess. Nuff said!

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    Ultimate Duck Hunting, pmsl. I got it thinking it would be like the originall Duck Hunt.....But it wasn't!

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    This is the reason I have started researching in to hacking my Wii. Most of the games out there for the Wii are crappy clones of other crappy games. It is a huge waste of time and money trying to buy kids games.
    Dora the Explorer are some over priced examples. Overall the games aren't to badly done but the content amount is little to none. $35 for a game that barely keeps 5 year old busy for 30 minutes. Heck its cheaper to take them to the movies than to buy half of these crappy games.

    This list could get overwhelming very quickly. A list of the top 10 is pretty worthless since it just barely even scratches the surface.

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