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Thread: 4.1U softmod wii nothing works after IOS60 patch

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    4.1U softmod wii nothing works after IOS60 patch

    I've had my wii soft moded for 2 years now. It has worked flawlessly. I got mario galaxy 2 and was going to follow THIS GUIDE to make it work. I skipped the first steps and install IOS60-patched.wad After it restarted it gave me the error "System files are corrupt" The words were broken up and I could barely read it.

    I could only get to the HBC. So I followed THIS GUIDE and I thought it fixed it. But when I run the neogamma backup loader it loads to a black screen. And when running the WAD manager it says mounting device and my wiimote turns off. And never finishes loading.

    I did new 3.1-4.1 softmod any wii tutorial twice and it didn't change anything. I can get to the wii menu now. Please help me fix this. I don't want to brick.

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    [SOLVED] 4.1U softmod wii nothing works after IOS60 patch

    O.k. I seem to have it working after reinstalling the IOS, HBC, CIOS, etc. about 3 times. Even though it gave errors when reinstalling it after I got done it all works now. Including working with mario galaxy 2.

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    Do you have two accounts or are you hijacking a thread?

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    An excellent question, indeed...

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