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Thread: Banners, Save File and Manual editing...

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    Banners, Save File and Manual editing...

    I recently injected a copy of Sonic 3 and Knuckles into a pre-existing rom. That all went fine and dandy. Sonic 3 & Knux plays great. But what I'm wanting to do now is replace the front banner (overall an easier part) the save icon and the manual. Though it seems that following a step by step guide from another forum didn't work. Now I did learn that the app files within are set up differently then SNES ones.
    So the question here; is can anyone give me some guidance as to how to change the save file icon; and the manuals for genesis/megadrive wads?
    I will point out also that this one is a PAL version BTW; though should be easy enough to do a NTSC one once I know what to do.

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    Well it's been 3 days solid trying.
    Good news is... I got it injected; got a decent banner, manual & Save icon.
    The bad... Despite it all; I could not find a way to make it save; even with the SRAM enabled.
    So for now I've abandoned this 'project'
    Though it makes me wonder what Nintendo and Sega have planned for the official release of S3+K on the VC...

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