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Thread: Cnnfiguration question

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    Configuration question

    Hello! Sorry to be a newbie and thanks in advance for reading me and helping me out

    I have a PAL Wii. I gave it to a friend of mine and he installed a D2SUN modchip in it for me. PAL backups are working great, but NTSC ones give a black screen just after choosing Start in the discs channel. I found in Internet that I have to configure the region in the modchip in order to make it read NTSC games, but I didn't recieve any external switch with the Wii.

    So I am wondering if there's another way to configure the modchip, by using a DVD for example ?

    Thanks !!
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    No one to answer please ?

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    OK, if there's no answer, forget about it, I have another little question.

    The game I used was scrubbed. Can this be the cause of the black screen?



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